A simple tool to export notes from Scarlet Notes
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from json import loads
class Note:
A Scarlet Notes note model. Has six properties: `uuid`, `folder`,
`updateTimestamp`, `timestamp`, `tags`, and `content`.
The timestamps are both ints in Unix time. UUID and folder are both
strings. `content` is a string containing all of the note content.
`tags` and `folders` are both dictionaries where keys are UUIDs and
values are the actual titles.
def __init__(self, note, tags, folders):
self.uuid = note['uuid']
# folders are only available since Scarlet v6
if 'folder' in note:
if note['folder'] != '':
self.folder = folders[note['folder']]
else: self.folder = ''
self.updateTimestamp = int(note['updateTimestamp'])
self.timestamp = int(note['timestamp'])
self.tags = []
for tag in note['tags'].split(','):
if tag != '':
noteContent = loads(note['description'])['note']
# note headings are optional in Scarlet
if len(noteContent) > 1:
self.title = noteContent[0]['text']
self.content = noteContent[1]['text']
self.content = noteContent[0]['text']
self.title = ''