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Ingo Bürk 20d799d6ea Merge remote-tracking branch 'vanilla/next' into gaps-next 2 years ago
lib Tests: Fix get_output_for_workspace 2 years ago
t Merge remote-tracking branch 'vanilla/next' into gaps-next 2 years ago
.gitignore Testcases: Use Xephyr instead of XDummy 9 years ago
Makefile.PL testcases/Makefile.PL: tell MakeMaker this is a pure-Perl distribution (#2922) 6 years ago add meson build files (#4094) 3 years ago
i3-test.config Extend the fullscreen command 8 years ago
inject_randr1.5.c Remove some includes from all.h 3 years ago
new-test Replace http:// with https:// where applicable 6 years ago
restart-state.golden tests: implement restart testing (actual option still missing) 11 years ago
valgrind.supp Add valgrind suppression file to testcases 9 years ago