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Dear package maintainer,
thanks for packaging i3. By doing so, you are improving your distribution
and i3 in general.
Please read the file DEPENDS now, so you know which libraries are necessary
and where to get them from if your distribution does not already have
packages for them.
Please make sure the manpage for i3 will be properly created and installed
in your package.
Please check the i3-sensible-{editor,pager,terminal} scripts and modify them if
necessary. The former two provide fallbacks in case $PAGER or $EDITOR is not
set (which might be more common than you think, because they have to be set in
~/.xsession, not in the shell configuration!) while the latter tries to launch
a terminal emulator. The scripts are most prominently used in i3-nagbar, which
alerts the user when the configuration is broken for some reason. Also,
i3-sensible-terminal is used in the default configuration.
If your distribution has a mechanism to get the preferred terminal, such as the
x-terminal-emulator symlink in Debian, please use it in i3-sensible-terminal.
You can build i3 like you build any other software package which uses; see
In case you’re unfamiliar:
$ mkdir -p build && cd build
$ meson ..
$ ninja
Please make sure that i3-migrate-config-to-v4 and i3-config-wizard are
installed with i3. The Perl script is necessary to (automatically) convert v3
configs to v4. The wizard provides the possibility to create a keysym-based
config with the user’s preferred modifier and should be started on the first
start of i3 (it will automatically exit if it finds a config file).
If you have any questions, ideas, hints, problems or whatever, please do not
hesitate to contact me. I will help you out. Please see
Thanks again for your efforts,