Fork of i3 WM with ported desktop manager support patch
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# This code is released in public domain by Han Boetes <>
# This script tries to exec a terminal emulator by trying some known terminal
# emulators.
# We welcome patches that add distribution-specific mechanisms to find the
# preferred terminal emulator. On Debian, there is the x-terminal-emulator
# symlink for example.
for terminal in "$TERMINAL" x-terminal-emulator urxvt rxvt termit terminator Eterm aterm uxterm xterm gnome-terminal roxterm xfce4-terminal termite lxterminal mate-terminal terminology st qterminal lilyterm tilix terminix konsole kitty guake tilda alacritty hyper; do
if command -v "$terminal" > /dev/null 2>&1; then
exec "$terminal" "$@"
i3-nagbar -m 'i3-sensible-terminal could not find a terminal emulator. Please install one.'