A simple backup script
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# This file is a shell script that is sourced at the start of the backup script.
# Feel free to hack on it as you like.
# Only the first parameter is required.
# BACKUP_DIR_POSTGRES=/tmp/postgres_backups
# BACKUP_DIR_DOCKER=/tmp/docker_backups
# BACKUP_DIR_CONFIGS=/tmp/configs_dir
# The default compression format. Can be anything tar(1) recognizes. Optional.
# Purge the backups older than this value in days (find -ctime +DAYS). Optional.
# A bash array containing the files/directories you want to save.
# Required (if a -c or an -a backup is run).
# A list of databases you want to back up while the -p backup is running.
# Required (if you run the script with -p).