Project Amber web / mobile client
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Amber Web

The web client for Project Amber, made with React, Redux, and TypeScript.

Running the app locally


Simply run:

% yarn install --dev
% yarn start

Set the REACT_APP_APIURI environment variable in case you’re testing against a local server. It should point to the base URI for all API requests, namely



% docker build . -t amber_web
% docker run -it -p 8080:80 amber_web

If you’re running your own API server, be sure to set the REACT_APP_APIURI flag when building:

% docker build . -t amber_web --build-arg REACT_APP_APIURI=https://your.tld/api


The source code of this app is formatted automatically with Prettier. Be sure to run yarn beautify and yarn lint before sending a pull request!


This program is MIT-licensed. See LICENSE.txt for details.