The backend app of Project Amber, a task list app
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from json import dumps
from flask import Flask
from flask.wrappers import Response
from flask_cors import CORS
from project_amber.config import config
from project_amber.db import db
from project_amber.errors import HTTPError
from project_amber.handlers.const import API_V0
from project_amber.handlers.auth import auth_handlers as auth
from project_amber.handlers.session import session_handlers as session
from project_amber.handlers.misc import misc_handlers as misc
from project_amber.handlers.task import task_handlers as task
from project_amber.handlers.users import user_handlers as user
class JsonResponse(Response):
default_mimetype = "application/json"
charset = "utf-8"
app = Flask(__name__)
app.config["SQLALCHEMY_DATABASE_URI"] = config.database
app.response_class = JsonResponse
CORS(app, resources={r"/*": {"origins": config.domain}})
for blueprint in (auth, session, misc, task, user):
app.register_blueprint(blueprint, url_prefix=API_V0)
def create_tables():
db.create_all() # create all tables on first run
def handle_HTTP_errors(e):
return dumps({"message": e.message}), e.code